Sunday, October 2, 2011

Run 10.2.11

Today I had good intentions to run 16 miles. I kept checking the weather to try to find a window that there was a break without rain. I also checked the weather to find time that it felt a little warmer than 33 degrees.

I got all bundled up after figuring that I wouldn't find a time without rain. I couldn't find my headband so I just wore my hat. I drove all the way to North Park. I drove past my normal parking lot to one further just to see who all was there running.  They all looked hardcore. By all I just mean all 3 that I saw.  I thought I'm not hardcore enough to run in weather like this like these other guys.  I just thought how I'd end up all sick. It was still raining. It was 42 degrees and felt like 39.  I had on my water proof jacket but the rest of me would have gotten soaked.  I was just full of excuses. I sat there in the parking lot for 5 minutes. I texted a few people telling them how I wasn't hardcore enough to run. I was hoping one of them texted me back telling me to run and then I would have probably done it. Nobody did. I did only allot everyone 5 minutes or less. In my texts I mentioned how leaving would make for the worst blog post ever.  Lack of run = lack of post = sad times.

Then I drove to the gym and decided to run on a treadmill. I can never run far on a treadmill. I get too bored. I take breaks. I just can't handle them. I think my previous longest treadmill run was 4.5 miles.    I got to the gym and changed my clothes. I needed to get out of my 40 degree clothes and put on shots and a tank top.

I decided to do run/walk method and hoping that having to hit buttons every so often would break up the run and make me able to last longer than 4.5 miles.  I also watched the Steeler game.   I started slow on the runs... slower than I run outside when I run 5 miles straight through without run walk.

I ran .5 miles straight through, stretched, then did the run walk swapping.  I tried to always keep walking to 1 minute. A few times I was texting and missed the 1 minute mark so I did it for 2.  Once I was stopped on a break and thought I would just walk. I was writing some notes in my book.   I ran 2, 3, or 4 minutes at a time but mostly 3.   It was really hard starting around 6 miles. I couldn't believe I lasted that long on a treadmill though. My goal was 16 miles. I still had an eternity left.

My knee started hurting around mile 10.  It got bad at 11. Starting to run after a walking segment was rough.  I just walked it slowly until I got to a nice round number.

I ran at 6.6, 6.2 and 6.0 mph. The first half I was mainly on 6.6 and the second half mainly on 6.2 mph.  I walked on 4.0 mph until mile 8 then started going at 3.5 mph for my walking wondering if that would help me on my run.  It did not but I just kept walking at 3.5.

Mile 7 is my slowest mile and that's the mile that I walked for 4 minutes straight.

Therefore I did 23/32 of my run today. Sigh.  But that is still better than 0. It is over 70% complete which is better than last week.

After my run, I did some stretching and some exercises with the foam roller. Then I did a 5 minute ab workout. My knee is still bothering me. I should have iced it.  It is the same type of thing that happened in March. That got better with PT and taking it easy. But I will try the PT type stuff on my own without taking it easy.  Maybe I'll have to retire from running in 2 months.

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