Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Run 10.4.11 - 4.58 mi

I went running after work with Jen. I really didn't feel like running.  I have been so busy that I thought I could use the time for other things.  I did want to get a run in though.  After we got there, I learned Jen didn't feel like running either. Good thing we were meeting.  I felt good to complete the run though.  We ran intervals the entire time. Well intervals of run:walk.  We ran long at the end to hit 4.5 miles then we walked slowly the last little bit to lower our heart rates.

The first time we ran walk, we ran 10 minutes straight first.  The second time we ran 18 minutes straight first.  This time we did the run walk the entire time. Our times were awfully similar and best and worst splits were awfully similar. 

Running this time was more difficult was because all the leaves were very slippery.

I need to run with people more often. Analyzing data is so fun.

Our first and last walks were the slowest.
For convenience look at the stats from the last 2 times.  Compare mile 1.  This time we walked 2 entire minutes the first mile and our time was only 4 seconds slower than last time.  All of this amazes me.
The only time I can count on Poly wanting to sit on my lap no matter what is after a run. I'm all sweaty and gross and I sit down at my computer to load my Garmin data before a shower and then she is there cuddling with me.  Most other times of the day I have to beg her to hang out with me.  I try to hold her and she pulls away. She just wants Dave to hold her. He holds her and she rubs her face against his. I hold her and she pushes off with her feet trying to get away.

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