Sunday, August 12, 2012


I've worn this outfit before but liked it and thought it was nice for a picnic.
Shirt: Sam's Club, Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters, Sandals: Kohl's, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Earrings: Target, Sunglasses: found
I woke up and meant to run right away. I finally ran 2.5 hours later. I ran so late I was almost late to the picnic at Google.  After my run, it was entirely too hot so I plugged in Dave's fan that used to be in his cube.

The picnic was pretty impressive.  I got so tired standing in the sun.   We only stayed a few hours. I got full. I met a few of Dave's coworkers but not many.  They had a ton of food. They had beer and wine. There were also a lot of bouncy house type things.  There was also Gladiator Jousting. That was pretty funny to watch.  I forgot to take pictures of all the food I ate and still got a lot of pictures of my food. I like carnival food. I wish I had a ponytail holder with me because partially eating my hair slowed my eating down even more than normal.
After we got home, I napped for 3 hours.  Dave knows me so well that after he woke up, he took some pictures of me napping.  I don't know why I like it so much but often times after I wake up I ask him why he didn't take my picture.  Poly napped with me.  She was so cute.  She was like a furnace though so halfway through my nap, I had to cover my leg.
Then we watched TV. Finally at 9pm I ate dinner. I watched more TV.  Poly decided the best place to sleep was behind me when I was partially leaned forward.

Once Dave went to sleep, I used my computer and did some things on my to-do list.

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