Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I stayed in bed a couple hours in the morning with Poly. She was just too cute. My laptop was just out of reach but at least I had my iPad. (You should be impressed I cut down the ~60 pictures to just 3.)
After I finally got out of bed, Poly still hung out with me.  I wasn't too productive. I spent a little bit of time going back through run and walk data to update my excel files. I still have some more missing data.  I'll work on it some more here and there.
I watched some TV with Dave after he got home. Poly hung out with me a lot.  I forget if I cooked or not.  I don't remember what I ate. Maybe I guess I need even more pictures of my day or else if I try to write about my day 2 days later, I already can't remember.

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