Saturday, August 11, 2012


 I read about SQL but quickly and probably don't remember any of it.

I cleaned off the table beside my desk to get it set up for the TV.

I did some laundry and other house work.  I should do more but then I'd just stop and watch TV.  On commercial I might get up to clean or I might just fast forward.
I walked over to Sprouts to get some stuff to cook dinner. I only bought things for dinner and it cost me 16 bucks and I already had the pasta and sauce at home.

We decided to pay for something online so we could watch the Steeler games. Dave set it up. It was too slow going through the TV so we had to watch the game through the computer.  We started it probably 2.5 hours after the game actually started.  Once the game was over, I went to the gym and quickly ran on the treadmill and did some weights.  Then we watched Big Brother.

Dave went to sleep and I watched Rachel Maddow then did a few things on my to-do list.

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