Saturday, September 5, 2015


Ella is such a big girl eating her cereal.

Then she's a big girl again eating her cereal.

Then she's a big girl petting Poly very nicely.

She's hiding!

She won't eat the broccoli but will feed it to me.
Time hop had this pop up. I had to share it.

We got Panera for dinner. Dave got 2 things instead of getting Ella something. Well of course she doesn't want those things and wants my stuff. She ate a ton of my sandwich and a ton of my soup. I was still very hungry after. I did like that she ate some broccoli cheddar soup since usually she won't even eat broccoli even when it's in some sort of cheese sauce.

She was such a good eater with a spoon for her soup. I kept refilling her little bowl.
I also spent some time recording videos for my push-up challenge.


  1. Isn't it funny how kids are so good at sharing their veggies? ;)

    1. yup. today she sure wouldn't share the cookie. she even took my half.