Saturday, September 5, 2015

July 16-31 Outfits

I barely ever take my daily picture. I take it with my iphone now instead of my good camera when I do. I'm a real slacker.
 There are many days I'm in my workout clothes all day. I really like a few of my workout clothes like those pants on 7/20 so maybe I should just take my daily picture in those workout clothes.
I wore this to a play date. I was so hot that I was always pulling up the skirt. That's happened the last 2 times I wore it. I guess I need to wait until it cools off a little.
7-23, 24 26, 27
 This collage shows 3 of my 3 new workout tanks I bought in the past few months. I want more new tops. The capris are also new.  The top is blue on the 26th but the picture is bad.
Ella and I sort of matched. Ella's purple was prettier. We both had on black spandex shorts.


  1. I like 7-18 and 7-19. Also the maxi skirt is cute.

    1. I like the 19th. I should wear those shorts more. The 18th: I bought that top after moving to CA so it is one of my newer things. I bought it the month we moved her.

      I like skirts and it seems that people wear maxi skirts and they are more casual but if i wear my ones to the knee i feel too dressy. I wonder why.