Monday, July 18, 2016


 That's Ella's bucket with some of her Easter candy in it.

 Ella's favorite part of the blocks is dumping them all out.

 I spent a lot of time cleaning. I sat down briefly and Poly cuddled all up on me.

Here are some pictures I took. They are not exactly "after" photos. Some were just in process that I took to text as I was cleaning to show my process. But then I didn't take final photos.

Ella's room took a lot of work!

Ella tucked her doll into her wagon.

Then the doll had to eat in the other high chair.
Jamming with no clothes on but sunglasses on!

I'm impressed Ella could hold herself up like this.
My brother sent me a picture of how fat he is. I thought it was funny that I was also wearing yellow so I took a picture and made a collage. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and he's just gutty!

So I was having issues with my google photos so Dave did a ticket (or whatever they are called) about my issues.  They didn't fix anything yet but noted that I have a lot of photos. They mentioned I have over 700k photos and more than 12k albums.  I'd have even more if I didn't lose almost all my pictures from 2005-2008 when a hard drive died.

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