Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sciatica Pain (7.25)

In my weekly pregnancy post I briefly mentioned sciatica pain I was having.

It was on my right side and it's like the right butt hurts and then as you walk it shoots pain down your leg. But it wasn't that bad since it wasn't all day and sometimes I could go all day before something triggered it.

Well then I woke up on Monday and had ankle pain. I had no idea why. As the day went on I realized it wasn't really my ankle. It was my entire left side and my sciatica on the left.  I was lying in bed a lot.

Then when I went to pick up Ella at school, the car ride made it worse again. My entire leg was numb. That did not go away.   After some research none of the exercises really work because sciatica pain versus sciatica pain because of a baby are a little different.   Lying on my side helped a bit.

Around 10 PM, the baby moved so much that it was almost like 3 inches of baby lump pushing my belly to the left. I then became pain free.  I was so afraid to move. The slightest movement may cause pain again. Well I guess I got cocky because I got up to get Ella off the potty and tuck her into bed. It hurt as soon as I rolled onto my back. (I get up off my bed off the left side not right.) Then standing and sitting to wipe her and get her ready made it all go numb again with all the pain back.  So that sucked!

I slept on my right side but had to get up to pee a few times. Going onto my back sucked to try to get up. So then I took to rotating my body so I could stay on my right side and sort of get up that way.  It helped a little.

This morning the side of my back is sore from all this side lying.

How many more weeks of this do I have?!

I had posted on facebook and some suggestions were prenatal massage, prenatal yoga, and acupuncture. Last time I asked a suggestion was also a chiropractor.


  1. Go to the spinning babies website for good exercises for optimal fetal positioning. http://spinningbabies.com/start/in-pregnancy/daily-activities/

    1. Just looked at the site. Oddly enough in the last day I have done quite a few of those without seeing them compiled in one pace. Sitting on a chair backwards has not been done. (Sitting on a chair to eat breakfast was bad news so i quit the chair then) Some I did when pregnant with Ella but they didn't get her to flip.

  2. Sciatica is a terrible problem to deal with! I know the pain of the condition and agree that every move is scary because you never know what will cause that shooting pain. Sometimes even not moving at all seems to throw a lightning bolt through my leg. I wish there was an easier solution for this issue!