Thursday, July 14, 2016


 I don't know why Ella needs so many dolls. But she sure likes them.

 She's eating so well!
Then not so well!

 She made a mess!
 She made another mess!

 I took a picture of my baby bump only to realize later that i had an ice pack on my head.

Ella made another mess. She thinks the reward of making a mess is getting to clean it up. :( So now I don't let her clean it up.

I didn't have the car. I needed Ella to nap. I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with the stroller. She got the wrong idea.

I told her no the big stroller. So she moved her doll to the big stroller.  She did not want to ride in the stroller. We ended up  not going. I didn't want to walk. I just thought she might fall asleep on a walk. I was ready to die and didn't actually want a walk but thought a walk would be better than Ella the terror.
 No walk = Ella the Terror!
 Ella started copying me! (Sorry pics were all blurry)

 She tried to tell me she'd nap on the couch. But she didn't.

 Then she said she'd nap in bed. But she didn't.

 Finally I took her on a walk. It sucked. It was so hot. It was also after 4 PM by this time.
She finally fell asleep!

Once I got Ella to her bed, I went and stuck my feet and angles into the freezing cold pool to cool down. It cooled me down for hours.
I made meatballs for dinner. It was so hard to do. I would cough every few seconds so then I'd wash my hands and then back to rolling the meatballs. It took forever.
Dave got home and cooled off with his feet in the pool!

Ella even at the dinner!

She wanted a bath in the little tub. She found it in the baby's room! I don't think she liked it so much once she was in it.

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