Saturday, July 16, 2016

June 2016 Exercise

I ran 17.52 miles in June. I finally hit my goal of 15 miles! It's crazy to think I was 26-30 weeks pregnant and that's the only month this year besides January where I hit my goal. I guess since my goal was so low and I got some bonus miles in for 2 of the 6 months I'm only 5.48 miles behind my goal for the first half the year. (Except my goal was really 18 miles a month knowing I'd be out of commission for the 6 weeks after birth so I rounded down to cover my bases. I just was able to run much less than I wanted to.

In June I ran a 7 day squat challenge. I taught 4 bootcamp classes. I went in the pool a lot. I walked in SF once. I did push-ups a few times too.

On June 13 I finished running a 4 week challenge with the mom group and then a week later we started a 2nd round of it. The challenge was biggest loser type with prizes but also some people joined for the group aspect of it even if they didn't want to lose. About 20 moms participated and maybe 10 of those were pretty active. It was pretty time consuming to comment and talk about goals and do daily posts!

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