Thursday, July 28, 2016


 Another morning with Ella in bed with us.

 Ella helps make hot tea.

Ella kicked Poly out of the cat bed.
She was back into the cat bed.
On our way to a park before nap time I ventured to some different dollar stores.  I let her push the shopping cart in this huge Dollar Tree.  I spoiled her.

Then we went to the park.
She fell asleep on the way home which was the plan all along.
The bed transfer didn't go so well.

Ella was helping with crafting.

Onesies I made.
The highchairs are for dolls and not Ella apparently.


  1. She's so cute in that oversized shirt.

    1. That shirt was from the neighbor and I was showing someone how some stuff I get from the neighbors we won't use like this shirt that their daughter already colored on. It's like a color/paint your own shirt. Ella saw me with it and had to wear it immediately. I guess I was wrong.