Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How I wore it - The shoes

 Here is how I wore each pair of shoes throughout the challenge.
My Kohl's sandals that have about a 4" heel and were purchased this year.  I wore these shoes a lot on the weekends too. I wore these way more than I expected.
My favorite is day 21. What is your favorite?
My white sling back pumps. I don't like sling back but I couldn't find any other ones. These are from Famous Footwear this year. I wore these about how many times I guessed that I would.
My favorite is day 7. What is your favorite?
My red shoes started off really strong with 3 times in the first 15 days but then died down. There was one instance where I took them in my gym bag but then I wore option 2 for my outfit and didn't wear those shoes.
My favorite is day 26. What is your favorite?
My black pumps. These should probably go in the trash. They are worn down to what appears to be netting in a few spots. I need replacement black pumps though. I have pointy shoes with a strap and little bootlets (not sure if that's what they are called) that are good for pants but I need a pair for boots. I guess I also have a 2 inch heel but I don't like those as much.
My favorite is day 17. What is your favorite?
I knew I wouldn't wear my brown shoes very much since there weren't too many browns in the mix.  I realized I never wore pantyhose any time I wore these shoes.  Interesting.  These shoes are a mix between fitting perfectly and sometimes thinking they are tight. I shop in them. I walked around an entire mall in them on day 30.
My favorite is day 30. What is your favorite?
I had more outfits that I could have worn my purple shoes with but I guess they didn't make it into the mix. I thin I got scared off because on day 6, I felt like the shades of purple that I was wearing didn't quite go.
My favorite is day 28. What is your favorite?

Well that's how I wore my shoes.  Hopefully tomorrow you will see how everything else was paired up.

Does anyone have any ideas for what I should do for my next challenge?
Above is my mostly self-checked graph of how many times I wore each thing if you are too impatient to wait for my overall post that I need to have enough time to sit and write.


  1. 25, 28, 15, 30, 28.

    Man, you did great with this. I wish I could have stuck it out. I should try to get all of my pictures off my phone... I'm just way too lazy.

    I really like your purple shoes and the sandals. The sandals look awesome!

  2. I think either 26 or 28 would be the best outfits - though you strangely can hardly see the shoes in those photos and the shoes were the subject of the post...

    As far as strictly making the shoes stand out and look good (with everything else), I'd go with #1, as the shoes are the only real color, and the dress print is busy enough to keep the eye moving until it settles on the splash of red from the feet.

  3. The purple shoes stretched A LOT after I wore them once. I put kleenexes in the toes AND bought those little heel things that are clear inside the heel and my foot still slides out a little. Bummer.

    I hate sandals because of my one toe but I'm getting over my fear because I think if people look at those shoes they see how freakishly tall they are and don't see my lack of half a toe nail.

  4. John, I tried really hard to be able to make the collage in picasa and still show my shoes. It was hard to get the right ratio. I was thinking of doing something on my own in photoshop but I am also working on work right now so I didn't have time... why all the clothes groupings aren't in the same post.

    I noticed after taking the pictures that a lot of the time, my shoes are fuzzy in the pictures. One thing I never liked about my Canon Elph was that at the time you hit the timer button, that is when it focuses and if you run over to get in the picture a lot of the time things are blurry. Sometimes all of me was blurry but I've gotten used to standing near a wall so that is pretty good but then lots of other times my feet are fuzzy in the picture. This is why I keep telling Dave he should be a nice husband like all those other husbands on the fashion blogs and take my daily picture for me. He just laughs at me though.

    I just got a remote for my Canon Rebel so maybe I can start using that. I just really like how my Elph has a memory card that automatically uploads to my computer.

  5. I don't think I'll ever wear sandals. I feel to self conscious and exposed.

    I told John you responded, he doesn't always check back. :)