Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How I wore it - The Cardigans

This emphasizes the fact that I love this cardigan even though it shrunk like crazy. It started out down to my waist like the white one is below.  I can' figure out which outfit I like best. 13 or 28.  Which way do you like how I wore the pink cardigan the best?
Can I wear that black and white dress in the fall or winter? How about the purple dress?
I like 17 or 23 the best. I love this cardigan. I went back to buy more and they had none. I went to 3 different Kohl's in search of a black one just like it. I failed.  I am enjoying that not only are the outfits different but that I only wore the same shirt twice and I didn't repeat bottoms.  What is your favorite?
This just emphasizes how I hate this black cardigan. I don't like either of these. I put this cardigan instead of my 3/4 sleeve one for variety. Oh just looking at that other one, I hate it too. I have another black cardigan but I love and hate that one. I love that from the front it looks good but I don't like how it is so long in the back. What is your favorite?

I thought I would wear the black cardigan more, the white cardigan less, and the pink cardigan about the same as what I did.

PS I wore my gowear fit with the white and pink cardigans but could not with the black. It was kind of noticeable with the white and pink but I wore it anyway because it's worth the accurate data.


  1. 28, 27, 14.

    I like 28 the best, I think. :)

  2. In general which of the 3 cardigans do you like best? Like lest? (I should have asked in my original post.)

  3. I like the pink and white ones best. The black one just looks strange.