Friday, September 2, 2016

Ella Says...

I mainly forget to document her good quotes.
Me: Ella, why do you keep taking off your clothes?
Ella: pictures
I still am not sure why she wanted to take off her clothes for pictures.
Ella dropped Baby Timmy. She picks him up to comfort him. Then says "it's ok to cry"
A few min later a water bottle fell. I pick it up and give it to her. She says, "its ok to cry" as she comforts it.
About an hour later, she drops baby off her shoulders and says "I'm sorry" then "it's ok to cry"
I guess when we tell her it's ok to cry it really set in!
Dave turns on The Rachel Maddow Show. Ella says "watch Rachel"

Ella: Eye paint.
As she points to my eye lids. She says this over and over. I'm so confused. Then I realize she is talking about my eye shadow that I rarely wear.

On our way to Target
Me: What do you want to buy at Target?
Ella: Fitbit
Me: You want to buy a Fitbit?
Ella: Small Fitbit

Me: What are you doing?
Ella: Cleaning toilet
As she has wet wipes she's wiping down the toilet

"Wake up Mommy. I want cookies."
5/23/16 when I had fallen asleep on the bed while she used her iPad
Me: Don't eat the toilet paper.
Ella: just a little bit.
She kept doing this and the TP was rough work to get from her.

Me: Mommy needs to eat. What should I eat?
Ella: broccoli
Me: Ella do you want to feel the baby kick?
Ella: drawing. Feel the baby later

Me: Ella do you want to go to the dollar store?
Ella: no. I'm busy
Me: what are you busy doing?
Ella: (getting up) going to the park!

Ella: Had the doll wash her hands
Me: you had the doll wash her hands. Good job
Ella: yeah!!! Held her up
This is in her pretend kitchen.

I poured Ella her cereal and she said "thank you mommy"
I was doing squats for my challenge.  and Ella yells at me "mommy do push-ups". I did some. Then she yells to do push-ups again. She even tries to push me over.
Ella: Guess what
Me: What
Ella: Mummaw (and points to hangout window where it has her picture)

I tell Ella her feet are dirty. She looks. I ask if she wants me to clean them
Ella: No. I like them dirty.

Ella is on her toy phone
“Hello Susu. I miss you.”
Then tells me “Susu on the phone”
I told her to tell him I said hi. So she did. Then she says hi to me and waves.
I come back in room. Ella has my phone. Scrolling through emails. I ask what she's up to
"Reading the words"
"Baby Timmy in my belly"
We actually had to change shirts because Baby Timmy wouldn't fit in her other shirt. 
Dave What's tomorrow?
Ella : Pool Party
Dave For who?
Ella: My birthday
Ella: Blow candles

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I really hope I enjoy them later!


  1. Awww she's really excited for the baby! I love that she pretended to be pregnant.

    1. Wow did the formatting get screwed up with this post!

      At first I thought she was baby wearing when I first saw her do it but then when she said it was in her belly I knew it wasn't baby wearing.