Friday, June 17, 2011


Skirt: Athleta (2010)
Shirt: Loft Outlet (2009)
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Gifted

I'd like you to note how white my legs look. There was no flash. That's just my legs.
This is how I decided what to wear with the skirt. If only I had Rose Red for the  necklace.

Well I found a 2nd outfit to wear incorporating this skirt.  Some day it won't be so hard. The difficult part is the fabric material, not the color. It is just too casual. That's what I get for buying it from a place called "Athleta" I guess.
We spent some time again getting these bookshelves lined up. That corner one is very difficult. Then it is hard to get a screw driver to be able to link them at the top.
Pre-dinner was Frosted Flakes.  I needed something in a hurry since after work I did Body Combat (and about killed myself from working so hard) and then I got home, showered, and worked on those bookshelves. I needed some food in me fast.

For some reason Poly thought she smelled tuna so she had to jump up to see if I was eating it.
I was going to eat real food after Frosted Flakes but decided to eat chip and dip instead.
Poly cuddled up with my pants. I swore she thought there was cat nip in them.
We got a lot of the books on the bookshelves and the chair ready to go. It is a nice reading chair.

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