Thursday, June 23, 2011

6.8 - Park Ranger

Tuesday night I asked Dave if I should dress like a park ranger the following day. He said yes so I did.

Pants: Express - April 2007 or earlier
Shirt: Express - July 2007 or earlier
Tank: Sam's Club
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Sears

Wow does my elbow look a little weird in that middle picture to anyone else?
Poly woke up with me. We hung out together before I headed to work. Now Wednesday is normally my telecommuting day but I had to go into the office to get my new laptop. My old one gave me such trouble that I didn't want to postpone getting it at all.  My files were being backed up in the morning so I couldn't even use my computer if I got to work at 7 like I had been the previous 2 days so I wasted some time cropping pictures at home in the morning before work.

I was just about to get my computer around 10:30. I had even shut down my old one to give it to the guy and the fire alarm goes off. It was a drill but still wasted 15 minutes.  Then setting up the new one wasted over an hour and I still didn't have everything how I wanted it. I worked through lunch and ate at my desk because of all the computer wasting time and also because I had to leave early to get an allergy shot. I could have had the full 9 hours in but since I couldn't use my computer starting at 7 I figured it was pointless to get to work that early.

I left work and headed for may allergy shot. I stopped at the rest stop on the turnpike for a nap. I fell asleep for what turned out to be 5 minutes.  Then traffic was so backed up that I arrived about 15 minutes later than I thought. I got my shot and had to wait 20 minutes. Then there was more traffic. I was late meeting Timmy and Art, but they didn't mind. I treated them as payment for them installing our hose bib last year. Too bad my pants got tight after my lunch, because they were already tight when I started dinner. It made me feel full too fast and I didn't eat all my food.

After dinner, the three of us headed to Sears to buy some Father's Day gifts.  Then I headed home. Timmy and Art headed home too but they made a pit stop on the way and didn't get home for a few hours.  I called my mom on the way home and talked to her while driving. There is no rest stop on the turnpike going west so I couldn't have napped if I wanted to.

 I had 2 similar khakis and the ones below might the other pair but look how similar. 4 years and still wearing the same stuff.  The packs were a big looser back then. 
July 2007

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  1. A park ranger - that's funny. :) Your make-up looks really good in these shots!

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