Monday, July 4, 2011


Pants: Express (Size 4)
Shirt: NY&Co (Size XS and my arms don't fit it in anymore)
Necklace: Kohl's
Bracelet: NY&Co.
Shoes: Famous Footwear

When I bought these pants I always wore them with white. Since then I have learned that other shirts I have match and kind of forgotten about wearing white, so I made it a point to do it again.
This might have been the first time I wore a bracelet on the same wrist as my watch. I only own a few bracelets and always forget to wear them.  I remembered here but forgot about wearing earrings.
I was about to wake up and Poly came up on me and was purring. I couldn't get up with that so I petted her instead of getting ready for work.
As an after dinner snack, we were going to eat some chips with dip. I looked in the cupboard and there were three partial bags of chips. Two of those were expired.  Our pantry needs to be cleaned out.

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