Friday, July 15, 2011

6.29 - Poly and Carino's

Dress: Kohl's
I wore it on my telecommuting day. But I was freezing, so when I left the house I changed.   The dress was 1 of my 7 items for Styling the Scavenged Seven.
Jeans: Express
Shirt: Loft
Necklace: Sears
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Poly slept on me while I telecommuted. She also just rested on me. She likes me.  I accommodate her. See how my monitors are separated so she can walk from one desk to the other.  When I woke up, I sure was tired. I was out late at the Cabana Bar. I must be old now.
After work, I went to get an allergy shot and then went to Carino's for dinner. I got a Panini and soup this time around. I ate half the panini. After I got home, I looked up the calorie info and the panini meal (Turkey, bacon, cheese panini with fries) is 1700 calories. Next time I'll just stick with the Italian Chili. The sandwich was still cold in the middle so it wasn't that good anyway.  I texted Dave when I was there and he wanted me to bring him home dinner. It would be after 8PM when I got home. He wanted a meatball panini. Usually neither of us get a panini so it was odd we both got one. After he ate it all at home, he told me how he ate dinner first forgetting I would be at Carino's.  His calorie count was worse than mine.   Carino's hasn't been as good lately. Service is bad. We have to wait too long. Servers can't keep up on unlimited soup. Just a bunch of stuff. I'm sad about that. I love their Italian Chili.


  1. Carino's has the worst service of any restaurant. And they have it every time. They must try very hard to be that consistent.

  2. They have 2 waiters that still work there that are really good. I always wish I remembered their names to request them.