Saturday, July 16, 2011

7.16 - Run (Awful)

Last night, I told myself that I would run first this this morning. I had 2 rest days in a row and knew if I didn't run first thing, I wouldn't do it.  I wouldn't let myself even touch my computer before leaving.  I did end up going first thing, but I also hit snooze for about an hour so then it was much warmer outside. 

I asked Dave where I should run and he gave me and out and back path but then said if I felt up to it, I could make it a loop. Well I always like loops better than out and back but somehow I didn't realize I would be out in the sun, running more hills, and running further with the loop he gave me. I wore my new sunglasses while I was running; They weren't bad. 

I did not run fast. I started slow and figured I'd just stay slow but then later I couldn't even go faster if I wanted to. When I was so very close to home, I just couldn't push myself to run up the hill. I was trying and then my arms got all tingly. I pushed some more. Then I BROKE DOWN and decided to WALK. I shook my head at myself. I just had to make it 5 more minutes.  Then I thought I would only walk 0.1 mi but I missed that. So then I went for .15. I still missed that. I was so close. Then I ran. The last bit was at 10:17 pace. It also involved hills. I guess it wasn't all bad.  I can't believe I walked. I haven't walked on a run besides a few long runs at North Park and mostly I didn't walk on those either.  

Once I got home, I paced all around to bring my heart rate down. I drank water. I talked to Dave but kept my distance since I was so sweaty. 
Overall, it was an alright run. I not only have never run that loop before but I've never even driven on Valencia road before. There is a small auto body shop that does car inspections less than 1.5 miles from my house. There is a wood recycling place. There are lots of hills.  The downhill on Valencia Road was way less fun than I thought it would be; I got a side cramp that lasted the entire hill.  Valencia Road had some nice smelling flowers.   Bakerstown-Warrendale Road had a lot of traffic.  I ran over a bridge that was there to connect 2 hills. I had never done that before.  There were railroad tracks down in the valley. I had issues running and looking. I also had issues looking and being afraid of heights. 
Shorts: Saucony - TJ Maxx
Tank: Xhilaration (Sleepwear) - Target- never wore before.
Shoes: Brooks
Sun glasses: Target (forget the brand) - purchased yesterday
At least I got some miles in.  I will be running tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. I definitely need to run faster. I'm going to run with someone I never ran with before. She hasn't been running a lot lately but the last time she didn't run for a long time and went out and ran, she did 7 miles at 9 min mile pace.
I weighed 134 this morning. After the run and after drinking water, I weighed 132.4.

OK maybe the title shouldn't be "Awful" because the run was better than awful. It was worse than great though.


  1. Doesn't look too awful to me! Even bad runs are good because you did them. What program do you use to keep track of your runs? I love the data

  2. The screen shots are from my garmin 110. The tables of data are from excel. I copied and pasted the data from the Garmin and then added it up. I get splits every .25 on the Garmin so I have to add myself (aka in excel). And I hit split when I walked and then hit split again later to get the mile split to be able to work. I can show you some of my spreadsheets if you want. Let me know.