Monday, July 4, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:57:50 AM - I stayed up too late reading.
01:42:10 AM - Wow I will be tired tomorrow. This book is good. It makes me want @iamoddd to write a book about her races.
01:43:41 AM - @lisafilipek still reading. Ultra Marathon Man. By Dean Karnazes
01:44:19 AM - Oh boy. I have to wake up in 4 hours.
06:47:13 AM - So tired. Should have never read so late. Then I couldn't fall asleep. So tired now.
08:22:06 AM - I decided not to run. Then decided to come take pictures. Now I'm in line waiting to start.
08:59:56 AM - 26:39
09:18:02 AM - @lisafilipek well the winning time was 15 min. I was about 15 sec slower than last year and a little sick this year. So I think good for me.
09:49:29 AM - @lisafilipek I came in 2nd in my age group (nobody amazing runs my age group)
09:55:29 AM - Also this year prizes were better. I got $40 in Dicks sporting goods gift cards.
10:37:36 AM - I need to get 5 min faster or in 2 years I'll never place in my age group. I'm glad barely anyone runs my current age group though.
01:51:37 PM - Scrap and Run: 5k Race (7.4.11)
03:21:35 PM - I'm waiting for poly to wake up and get up.
09:58:15 PM - @iamoddd No you could tell stories about races you already ran. A story a chapter. Also mention how you don't document anything.
10:00:29 PM - @iamoddd and tell stories about running with your dogs
10:02:38 PM - I can't hear my TV over the fireworks and 4th of July noises outside
10:24:12 PM - Suits (on USA) is a good show. I'm glad it is on demand. I'm not glad they only have 2 episodes so far.
10:24:56 PM - @mikecherepko How'd they mess them up?

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