Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo of the Day - Stampin' Up Prep

This is what I had to deal with when preparing for a Stampin' Up Party. It took a few minutes to tie the ribbon on the card because Poly kept stealing it. I tried to use decoy ribbon but she only fell for that for a second and then she'd leap back up.  She not only stole my ribbon, but she stood on all my stuff. I don't even know what she was trying to do when she was sitting on one shelf and reaching to my supply bag on the other shelf.  Now mind you, most of the time I didn't get pictures of her being bad.  But isn't she cute?

(Top left photo is her standing on my papers on my paper cuter. The camera was zoomed in by mistake. Bottom left photo is her staring at me while I used the Score-Pal. Photo on the right in the middle is her on top of my few pieces of cardstock that I was about to cut reaching her arm out to cover more stuff.

Photo Taken: July 18, 2011 (for a Stampin' Up Party on July 21)


  1. Oh, they're so crazy about ribbons! I used to try to wait until Emily was asleep whenever I had to wrap a gift. She just couldn't help herself around ribbon of any kind!

  2. Anita, I am not around too many cats so I didn't really know it was a thing until Poly. But at a Stampin' Up party/class there will be 8 people using ribbon at 1 time. She doesn't know what to do with herself. She jumps up on the table. One time she stool the ribbon on the spool. I had the spool and she was 5 ft away with the other end. People had to use tooth marked ribbon that day.

    That's a good idea... I'll have to prep the ribbon stuff when Poly is off asleep somewhere.

  3. It may not be all cats, but most of the cats I've known have been crazy about ribbons. Especially those metallic ribbon eggs they sell around Christmas time--Emily loved it when I would tie them together in long strands, curl the ends and drag them around behind the sofa pillows so she could pounce when they emerged on the other side. I think her eyes were able to pick up the shine of the metallic ribbons better.

    Poly must be the hit of these parties! She sounds just hilarious!