Monday, October 3, 2011

10.1 - Breast Cancer Awareness

Sweater and Jeans: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace (shown below): Lia Sophia

It was cold outside in the rain. Apparently cold = ribs poke out in pictures
So I haven't mentioned it here but I'm wearing pink throughout the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness. I didn't think I had much pink but with jewelry though I could make it work, then I bought a bunch of new pink stuff without realizing it so I should be able to make it through the entire month. (Note I'm a little behind on blogging so some outfits won't have pink because they are from September.) Are you doing anything for breast cancer awareness or to support breast cancer research?  Last year I did a 5k walk for breast cancer awareness but this year since I did the American Heart Association Walk, I did not decide to do both. It is hard enough to fund-raise for 1 thing at a time. Two would be impossible. You can still donate to me for the AHA walk. Right now Dave raised more than me... I need to beat him. 

If you want to join in click on the button below to go to Melissa's blog and sign up to participate too. You don't have to do it everyday the entire month.

I have been having a ton of trouble with my remote lately so outfit photos are taking 2 minutes instead of 1. It is rather annoying. They might even be taking 3 minutes before I give up and use the timer on my camera. The bad part with that is that I don't have a focus when I use that.
In the morning, we did the American Heart Association Walk.  I wore my red coat for that (my pink sweater is underneath but you could see the sleeves exposed).

It was such awful weather for it. It was 40 degrees and raining.
Dave and I went to Target after to buy a new remote battery. I learned that wasn't the problem later though :(  Then we went to Loafer's. We had never been there before.  They had sandwiches and soup plus different fresh breads.  They should have had a peer checker look at the signs they had on the walls by all the times.
After that my parents came over to celebrate my birthday. My mom made me the cake I requested. She was worried the first one didn't turn out right so she made me a second one too.  Man was it good.

Poly got confused and thought she was in her one red bag but she was only under it.  Later she was in her 2nd red bag.

We hung out a little while then went to dinner. We went to Atria's.
While my mom was over, I made her look at my 2 new skirts and tell me some stuff that matched it. She didn't come upstairs but I brought a few options down and she helped me. I took pictures of the combinations so I didn't forget.  Then 10 minutes later I couldn't remember what she said so I referred to the pictures.  At least my memory is good enough to know that I forget everything.   I have a lot more clothes that I didn't bring down but I'll probably give these outfits a try first. (Except maybe the bottom right one because I don't really like how the color of that shirt looks on me. It just feels too blah and similar to my skin color.
Poly wanted to sit in the blue bag on the floor. It was full of Propels so she stood there and gave a little cry. I took all the Propel out and she jumped right in the bag.  She got comfortable and slept there for hours.

Poly hung out with us all then hung out with me later.

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