Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10.17 - Bright Colors

Shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet
Cardigan: NY&Co (should have pulled it back down for the picture. It always rides up.)
Skirt: F21
Scarf: NY&Co
Shoes: Macy's

I woke up (early) and drove an hour to get to work since I was working offsite. I was early since I thought it would take 75-90 minutes to get there.

On my way to the guard's building at work I had to walk on a cross walk and this car stopped when I was 10 ft from even reaching the cross walk. The guard commented that I was stopping traffic.

I was glad I had my scarf because it was cold and the scarf really helped for warmth.
I left around 5:15, stopped at KFC on the way home, ate, and watched TV all night long. I was tired and was ready for bed at 8 but kept watching TV.


  1. I love the colour combination in your outfit and i'm like you- 8 p.m. and I'm zonked but I tend to stay up way too late!

  2. I hate when sweaters roll when you don't want them to! For what its worth though I think it looks cute as it is.

  3. Thanks both of you!

    The sweater just might have been CUTER if it was down where it should be.

    If I don't go to sleep by 8pm I will end up with a 2nd or 3rd wind and end up staying up too late.