Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.8 - Photos

Shirt: The Limited
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear - Connie
Necklace: Lia Sophia

I need to stop wearing the same jeans everyday but I like these so much better than my other 8 pairs.
I started the day by running. That was delayed because I slept in.  It was lunch time by the time I got back. I analyzed data for 1.5 hours instead of taking a shower right away.  I ate 2 half peanut butter sandwiches right after I got back so at least I got some food in me.

I go into my husband's office trying to tell him a good story about my run. He tells me he's trying to concentrate.  I stand there for a minute and then say "I'll go IM it to you" and I leave to do just that. This is normal right?

When I was about to shower my mom called about coming to visit. They came up to show us their new car. We went to Aviva for lunch. My family loved it. We got an appetizer, our meals, then 2 more appetizers.  Then we went to Costco.  My parents stayed over for a few minutes and then headed home.  
After my parents left, we went outside to take some pictures. It got a little too dark by that point. Dave and I were going to go to a park to take them but we didn't fit that in since I ran so long, analyzed data so long, and then my parents visited.   My face was all shiny. My smile is too gummy.  Dave's hair was all messed up. He's trying to fix it in the one picture.  These are still pretty nice pictures anyway. We can always take more another day.  It was a little daylight and the sun wasn't even down yet, but with the flash going off it looks really dark in these pictures.  My favorite picture is the bottom right corner; Dave is making a face and my smile is awful. I like the silliness.  The one of Dave fixing his hair is also good. It was so bad. At least with it being dark you can't tell it is sticking out every which way.

Then we watched TV, played on the computer, and went to sleep early.  I was exhausted.  I was also pretty sure from my run.  My ankle was also still bothering me.  I was thinking I should wrap it but then never did.  16 miles was tiring but less tiring than 13.1 miles was during a race 1.5 years ago.


  1. I like the one in the top right corner :) You two are a cute couple!

  2. simple and cute can't go wrong with that.