Monday, October 3, 2011

9.21 - Telecommuting

I telecommuted and thus never got dressed. I didn't get any pictures of me.  I had water multiple times and Poly got her paws in it each time. One time I got new and within seconds she was on my desk sticking her paws in it.
Dave was still sick so I didn't do anything fancy with food. I was getting pretty bored with what I had been eating. The tuna on toast was good.

After work I ran and then went to body pump. I didn't get to eat dinner until after 8 PM.  I wish it didn't take almost 20 minutes to drive to Steph's gym.


  1. My cat does the SAME thing! If we're not looking he will knock the glass over.

  2. She hasn't knocked the glass over yet! I'll have to keep my eye on her.