Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Sweater & Cami: Express
Pants: VS
Shoes: Connie via Famous Footwear
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Poly slept with me and then I got up and she still slept there.
I got my root canal.  It was nothing like I expected.  There was a lot of testing to make sure the tooth I was complaining about was the tooth they were about to do the root canal on.  The dentist got a piece of ice and held it with little tweezer things and rubbed it on my teeth one at a time to make sure the one that made me flinch like crazy is the one that he was going to work on.  The dentist also sings a lot during the entire process. He takes songs that everyone would know (but me because I don't know music) and then changes out the words to dentist stuff or stuff going on in the office. That's the best part about him.   The dentist said my root canal is perfect so I made him explain what a bad root canal would look like on the x-ray.

I took my picture when the dentist left the room at one point. I took pictures of my x-rays twice.  I sent an email when the dentist stepped out too.  I wonder if people normally do this.

I got called back over 15 minutes late and I kept falling asleep in the waiting room. What is it about waiting rooms that make me so tired and I fall asleep.  People tend to look at me weird when they see me sleeping.

Have you ever had a root canal? Did you get a crown or a temporary crown?
I got home and tried to take my pill because I forgot at lunch and when I heard liquid hit the floor, I realized I wasn't swallowing it all.  My shirt also ended up all wet. No good.

I watched TV. I used the exercise bike for a short time. I rested and went to sleep early.

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