Friday, January 6, 2012


Another day, another outfit I put together myself and was concerned it looked silly.
Pants: VS (new)
Cardigan: Limited
Shirt: Express (2003)
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Shoes: Nine West

These new pants are a bit long. I wore them with the tall shoes I have. I'd like them an inch shorter so they could go with more shoes. Too bad lengths only came in 2" increments.  These are the same style as my red pants. My red pants and gray pants are both from VS but the gray are a half inch shorter and I can wear them with more shoes. I couldn't find the gray ones again though. They are a year older so maybe they changed something or maybe the gray ones shrunk. We'll see if these shrink when I finally wash them.   If they don't shrink, should I hem them?  The current hem is like 2 inches or something so going up 1 inch may be trouble.

Ahh my hair is too long.

I wore this vest 1 other time. Both times I'm enjoying my outfit. Perhaps I should wear it more often since I like it. Maybe I can even come up with another way to style it. White button down?  Or something that isn't a button down?  How would you style this vest? 
Stuff happened. I have no idea what. It was almost a month ago. This is why you shouldn't get behind on posting. I would have skipped posting it, but I liked the outfit.

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