Friday, January 27, 2012


I've been thinking about life lately. I do the same things; I like what I'm doing at home but I'm not doing anything to improve myself.  TV is taking up too much of my time.  I'm doing things I like to do like blogging and analyzing my running data, but I'm not reading, learning, or being productive.   I read reddit about running. I read in general about running, but really what do I learn from this.  I need to start reading or doing things that will benefit my career.  I have some things on my to-do list for months and never get to doing them.  I've had a skirt that will take 5 minutes to sew sitting around for a few months. I need to sew a button back on a shirt and it's also sitting right there.

Why is it so hard to be productive and to do things that will benefit me in the long run?

The problem is that I don't want to give up anything I do for fun.  I've been thinking that I need more of a specific schedule so I get something productive done each week day.  What do you do (even if it doesn't always work) to stay productive?

  • I want to learn how to use my camera better. I want to learn what all the manual settings are and when and how to use each little thing. 
  • I want to use my sewing machine more and sew a few skirts. I bought fabric almost a year ago. 
  • I want to try on clothes in my closet and come up with new outfits. I have so many clothes and so few "outfits" because I have such trouble matches. At 6AM I just keep going with what I know instead of trying something new.  I also just want to see what fits and what doesn't. 

The more I think about it, the more I want to do something more with my life. Do you ever go through times like this and what changes have you made after you thought of this?

(BTW I've been watching TV for the past 4 hours tonight which is the opposite of what I want, but at least I have been watching the news instead of normal TV shows.)


  1. Why did you pick all those treadmill pictures? You're running, but you're not getting anywhere?

  2. I just randomly picked a picture but I don't know why. But your reasoning is great. Too bad I didn't think that I thought of that.