Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 miles (1.10.12)

It wasn't that cold today, but I bundled up. I was cold. I can't find my normal gloves. I lose things. I need to learn where I put things. (Read that in a tone like my dad has said to me all my life.)  Jen and I met after work.  We started in daylight but we would be finishing in the dark so that was another reason I layered up.

I did my normal .25 splits on my Garmin and Jen used some interval feature on her watch for a 4 minute then a 1 minute interval.   We actually didn't keep the 4:1 the entire time.  Around 3.5 we changed it 3:1 using my iphone app. We weren't sure about adjusting it on her watch so it still has the 4 and the 1.  We had no idea how we would get data so we didn't mess with anything. It gave interesting data at 4 and 1 and it was fun to see how that was broken down.  She said she'd figure out the distances we walked and ran when we switched to 3:1 but I don't really care about that. If we do intervals I count the total miles. If I'd run 5 miles then walk 1 mile and quit then I wouldn't count that last mile. If walking is in the middle, then I count it.  I just made up this rule but I like it.

Today was one of our best runs together. On December 23, we ran 4.5 miles with the slowest mile being 10:26 and our mile was worse here but this was a full 1.5 miles further so  I think it's better. Plus that time the slowest split was 2:56.  This time we were more consistent with each .25.   Our 4th mile was faster than 3rd and 5th because I stopped the timer when Jen stopped to tie her shoe and that shoe tying time gave us a little breather so we could run faster.

This run really got me wanting to run more.  Yesterday's Body Pump got me wanting to go to Body Pump more.  Saturday's race really got me wanting to race more.  I'd say this is a good week so far.

Today was my longest run since the marathon!

Do you ever change your Garmin settings to do intervals?

Jen's total time is less than mine because she reset it at one point or paused it or both.  Also you can tell when she stopped to tie her shoe because of the moving time of 13 seconds during the 16th split.

Jen says she runs a lot faster with me. I push her.  She even runs about the same pace with me as in races.  I felt the same way when I ran with Kelly.  I haven't run with her since before the Great Race.  Maybe we'll run together again once Summer hits.  I wonder if I'll find other running buddies.  I used to run with Christina but we haven't run together in many months. I used to love our runs. I liked talking and catching up and that was pretty much the only time we had to do that.

Lately all my runs over 2 miles have been with Jen (besides the 1 with Callie I still have to write about but she wrote about it.)  All my shorter runs have been on treadmills.  I need to run on my own outside.  This mild winter is spoiling me like cray. 
Happy running!

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