Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:10:12 AM - Are these alarms going to be sufficient for tomorrow?
12:13:21 AM - @TracyMorganLove this is why I don't unfriend on fb. Even the people I can't remember who they are.
12:23:35 AM - @ADayinLifeToo how long have you been doing the Etsy shop?
12:27:00 AM - @mikecherepko @lisafilipek I want glasses is plain lenses. I hear people think you are smarter if you have glasses.
08:13:03 PM - I can't believe the debate was opened asking Gingrich about his ex-wife and the open marriage.
09:14:47 PM - Ron Paul actually doesn't sound crazy. What is going on here?
09:15:41 PM - @DaizyCh screen shot on phone. You hold the two buttons and get a screen shot.
09:51:08 PM - They keep forgetting about Ron Paul and forgetting get his answer.

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