Saturday, January 21, 2012


Dave, Poly, and I hung out in bed until about 8am.  Usually I would be asleep until 8 or later but Dave set his alarm for 7 and so I was up too.
Then I went to shovel. It took a good 20 minutes and there was only about an inch.
Then it was back to bed to hang out with Poly before I started cleaning.

My day was much busier than I thought. Many people were concerned about the weather for our NA-YGN Holiday Party.   I logged into work and spent far too much time discussing the party and options on the pending snow.  Then I had to meet my parents for lunch.  We left late.  We also made wrong turns like we always do. Haufbrahaus was good.

Then we went to a movie. War Horse was longer than we expected when signing up so I actually didn't get out of there until 5:10.  The holiday party started at 5. Oh boy. The stress.
I got to Dave & Busters at 5:15 and tried to set some things up.  I tried to socialize but I was being being in charge too so that is always stressful. Dave wants me to be with him but I have to do being in charge things.

Even after dinner, he wanted to play games with me but I had to handle some of the additional games we were playing for NA-YGN and then distribute the prizes.

Finally after all that was done, we got to play some fun games. At least everyone else seemed to have fun throughout the night.

We left around 9:40 after cashing in our tickets and having 1957 but wanting to buy nothing. We bought some candy and saved the rest.   It wasn't snowing at all when we left but minutes later started and was snowing the entire way home. We took 79 to 228 instead of taking back roads but thens someone on 228 was going so slow it was annoying. I'd have to brake going up hill which made me think we'd get suck.  After cars between us turned, I learned the culprit had a Florida license plate.

I got out of the car at the road to go up and get my boots and shovel. I was walking up and it seemed good so I thought no big deal and then boom it got bad and I was sliding. So I tried to make it over to the grass to make it up. That was really hard. I failed and ended up fully on my stomach with my hands up near my head kind of blocking my face from hitting the driveway.

We got home and Poly sure missed us. We fed her but she didn't even care. She just wanted to hang out with us.  We went to bed and were using our laptops reading reddit and heard her crying. She had gone downstairs to get some food or something and forgot we were home and cried out of loneliness. Dave called her and said we were here and she never ran up the steps so fast. Poor Poly. Poor Poly forgetting we were home but also Poor her because she probably does this when we aren't home.

We used the computers for a little bit then went to sleep.  It was a tiring day.
I FORGOT TO TAKE MY DAILY PICTURE! But this is what I wore.


  1. Do you wear your marathon shirt (or other wicking/running shirts) when you shovel?

    And how did Dave get those two pictures of you- did he still have the camera with him or something?

    I'm glad a lot of people still showed up at Dave and Buster's- it was pretty fun.

  2. Not particularly. I just did because I was getting dressed and knew I'd be shoveling and cleaning but changing shortly after so I grabbed something quick.

    Dave took the pictures of me in bed with Poly. The picture that has me at D&B was taken by Lindsay.

    I'm glad you had fun at D&B.

  3. Oh I meant the two pictures in the driveway. I assumed he was at the bottom and somehow caught that fact that you had fallen.

  4. oh Dave was still in the car. He was getting out to shovel but I said I thought I'd just do it. Then as I was leaving the car, I said he could take my picture. So then he took 1. Then after I fell I turned back around and said, "I didn't make it to the grass." Then he said "do you want a picture of this" so I stayed there for 5 extra seconds until he got the picture.

  5. Hahaha - until I read the comments, I thought it was mean that someone took a picture of you falling, but instead, you staying on the driveway on purpose in order to document it makes the gesture weirdly thoughtful.

  6. I have told Dave that if I ever pass out he better get a picture of it. I want pictures of my misfortune too... I want to document it all.

  7. I should start taking pictures of my clothes like that. It's easier than taking them on my body.

  8. It is easier but the pictures suck and you don't get the full effect of the outfit. I just keep forgetting to take my picture days I wear those pants.