Monday, January 2, 2012

North Park Run (1.2.12)

I ran with Jen after work. We actually left a little early so we could run in the daylight. We were supposed to get hit with 3-6 inches of snow too so we wanted to get started early.  We decided we'd stay on the back half of the lake and double back since it is safer there.  We got about 1.6 miles from the car and it was icy.  We tried to go a little further but it wasn't good so we turned back early. We figured we could just double back again if necessary. Well then it started snowing like crazy while the wind was blowing. The snow hurt our face.  So then we were glad we turned back early.  Not only did we end up turning around early but we took the little shortcut road on the way back.  Once we got near the car we decided to loop around the lot a bit to get up to 3 miles. Then I said it's a shame to run 3 miles and not run a 5k split so then we went a little further.   We walked the little bit back to the car. It turned out I hit lap instead of stop so my watch went a few extra minutes at the end. At least I had the lap time so I didn't have to count the rest of the standing around.

The wind chill was 9 degrees or something when we started.  It was pretty cold.  After a half mile or so we warmed up and it wasn't so bad. 
We ran the entire first mile (plus a little) then started doing the 3:1 intervals. We walked extra around the ice and ran extra at the end.
Since I knew we weren't sticking around at the end I got out my phone and took a few pictures of Jen. Then she ran again and got some of me. They are all blurry. The iphone doesn't take the best pictures.  The snow and our movement contributed to them not being the best but it still is nice that we got them.

I feel so accomplished for going out in bad weather and running a bit.  I wanted to run 6 miles and I ran only about half that and I feel so accomplished. Usually I run much closer to my desired distance and then feel demotivated and like I'm a slacker. I guess it was the weather.... or the company... or both that helped me out today.


  1. I think it was the weather that made it feel good to just get out there and do some running. I'm going to put my data in Excel so we can compare but I think it was pretty close.

  2. One thing I have noticed is with my old garmin the moving time and Time were super similar. With this garmin they are a lot different. like 10 seconds. and I'm moving the entire time. I don't know why this is the case though.