Monday, January 23, 2012

Run (1/23/12) 2.09 mi + 3.01 mi

While I was working this afternoon (after core hours ended), I realized how warm it was and figured I would beat myself up if I didn't get a run in. I checked the weather and it projected rain the 4:00 hour and it was about 3:50. I looked outside and it looked clear enough.

I decided to go run then go back to work.

Well I went over and changed and by the time I was running I got .08 mi into the run before the rain started.  It poured the entire time I ran.  I then went in and changed my shoes and went to run on the treadmill. I looked a bit soaked but figured nobody would notice.  I learned that just a few minutes after I was done running, the rain stopped. I know JUST how to pick the worst time to run.  

Except the run was really good.  My first split was 1:56 for 1/4 of a mile.  My 2nd split was 2:02.  I guess the rain was doing good.   I used to run the entire loop in 18 minutes. Then I got it down to running it in 16 minutes plus the little over 2 minutes it took to get to the loop and the 2 minutes back.  Without looking at any data, I'm 99% sure this was the fastest I ever ran at work.  It was definitely faster than any time last year. Two years ago I was a bit faster than last year and I still think I beat all of those times.  I didn't have a garmin back then and just used a timer and compared 1 loop to the next.   For those of you that forget, the loop at work is very hilly.  It felt much less hilly than it used to. 
I had to stop at the cross walk because for some reason cars have the right away.
My first mile was pretty good. After my first split in the second mile, I decided to make a goal of 9:20 and even with the biggest hill in the loop, I met my goal.  

I went to the loop at a different entrance this time. My run was 2.09 instead of the 2.18 it could have been. (Today it should have been 2.10 but I walked a bit past the door getting my GPS on.)

On my way back into the building some guy said to me "This is a bad time to run with soaked socks." Now that seemed like such a weird thing to say.  You are soaked all over that I could barely tell my socks were wet.

On my way into the locker room to change, one janitor saw me and said hi. He's the janitor that always says hi to me but never says hi to any of the guys I see around me.   Then after my run, he was out there again and said, "You poor girl."  Sometimes I think the reactions are so funny.  I could have not run out in the rain so it was my own doing. I could have returned back much earlier since there are 4 entrances back into the parking lot.

After I ran outside, I went to run on the treadmill. I wanted to run 5 miles but I just wasn't feeling it outside.  I ran 1 mile doing 1 minute intervals.  This time I did 7.4 mph, 6.6 mph, 7.6 mph, 6.6 mph and repeat.   I stopped and got water. I only drank about 6 oz all day and some of that was fruit punch and not even water.    The 2nd mile I started at 6.6 and went up every minute by .2 mph until 8.0 mph and then I went down to 7.8. I would have kept going but I stopped after a mile of this because Dave came down to the gym and I wanted to talk to him. I did talk to him for over a minute while I finished my mile.

Then I decided to run 1 more mile.  I started at 7.8 mph. I went down by .3 mph this time since I was tuckered.  I got down to 6.3 mph and then climbed back up.   I ended with 1.01 miles to compensate for the .09 from earlier so I could have it end in kind of a round number.

I had to run on the treadmill without my headphones because I left my one pair in my gym bag at home and I left the other pair in my purse back at my desk.  I am SHOCKED I made it 3 miles on the treadmill without headphones and after running outside.  I can't believe I kept up with the speed as fast as I did.

You can tell from my BodyMedia fit screen shot that I did in fact stop after each mile. I also only stretched for about a minute after. I should have probably stretched about 5 minutes like I normally do based on my level of soreness now. I guess a hard run 1 day after my longest run in 2 months wasn't the best choice.

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