Sunday, August 5, 2012


Skirt and Shirt: Loft, Sandals: Kohl's
Man was I tired. Poly tried to wake me up but I went back to sleep. I hit snooze for a full hour. When I finally got up and was brushing my teeth Poly was begging for something and I guessed water.  Sure enough her water bowl was out. I filled it. I got another bowl and filled it with water in the master bathroom where she was and while I was holding it at the sink she drank. So I continued to hold it and she drank for ages. Poor Poly.
I went for a run. I set out to run 2 miles and I made a new route and hit 2.00 miles right at our apartment building door. I couldn't have mapped it out better if I tried.
I had leftovers and then chip n dip for lunch. Sometimes I wish I ate more because I have so many different snacks and desserts I want and after I eat meals I don't have room for them too.

I sort of cleaned up in the bedroom. I have 2 plastic bins that are half full and they need to be gone through. There is too much little junk. I want to combine it all and then go through that. I still want a better place for the hampers.  I also noticed some of the scaffolding is gone from outside.

I kept putting things off because the cable guy was going to be here sometime between 2 and 4. He showed up at 3:52 and things I put off, I ended up not being able to do because the Garmin place was closed and now I have to wait until Monday.  I also started carrying things down to the basement storage but I couldn't get back in the building because the gate is broken now so I only got to make 1 trip.
I didn't go to the store because it is too busy around dinnertime so we just went out to dinner.  I met Dave near the bus stop and then we went to BJs again.  We shared 2 dinners. Their meatballs are good and so is their pizza. I'm never as happy with the 2nd dinner we get.

We watched some TV.  Dave went to sleep at 10:30.  I ended up staying up until 2. I was watching TV for a little but then I went onto the computer.  I did a pretty good job going through old emails. I should do a separate post with my gmail email graphs. Maybe one of these days.

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