Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nerd x2

Well I was unhappy with my data from a few days ago so I dug out my old excel files and did some updating and now graphed 3.5 years worth of data.  (The type of runs aren't all updated for past years.  Also who isn't fully updated either.  It's basically impossible to remember what type of run it was 3 years ago.)
The disclaimers from last time are still in effect.  I know this data isn't perfect.

I need to run more with people to get more data here.  I did go back and add a bunch of runs with Kelly and all the runs with Jen. I was able to figure those out but it was time consuming.  Too bad years ago I didn't think of all the stuff I'd want to track.  Back filling out data is hard work.  My runs with Callie are deceiving. It makes it seem like she's slow but really two of those are at a very high elevation that is hard to run in for me and another one we were running on extremely muddy trails and had to climb over some trees.
Before I thought there should be more of a trend that if I ran further I would run slower.  Look at 2010 and 2011.  That's the data I was talking about.  In 2012 I was injured for almost all the months of it so that makes sense too. In 2009, I started off running after knee surgery so I ran .5 or 1 mile at a time and really slow and I slowly increased and improved time so that trend also makes sense.   The labels wouldn't show up right on the graph with the years. If I changed one of the points to something with letters, then it would work but then I had 5 graphs so I just went with manually labeling this one.

What do you think?   My brother told me this is all ridiculous.

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  1. Just me talking, but I do what I enjoy. If it doesn't hurt anyone and it make you feel good then go right ahead and track your workouts anyway you want.

    1. On my to-do list for today is making a better file when I ran with Dave. Most of the time I didn't mark him down. I can't wait to go do that. It'll be difficult to back track it all though but I'll be able to get a decent amount of it.