Friday, August 24, 2012

Nerd x3

It's amazing how my  data has progressed in R.  I really wish I kept all the data as I went. It would have saved me so much time the last few days. 

All the graphs that say Dave Only are the times that I walked or ran with Dave. He did some walks without me and some walk/runs without me but I don't have those so they aren't included.

I keep filling in missing data.  I also spent hours going through 2 years worth of Garmin data to figure out when I ran/walked with Dave and when I walked with Dave.   I had a bunch of potentials and compared it to my excel file, Dave's Garmin that only goes back to April, times of runs, and locations. I slowly got it down to knowing which were with him.
I labeled them as Run/Walk or Walk as I went.
I also added a column based on the date and just put the year.  (This was manual because the Date format in Garmin was not recognized by excel  and it had more to it than just the date), but I was still able to sort and get it easily.
Another one with the years but this time the cell didn't have '2011' but instead just had '2011.  It's funny how that makes it so the labels don't show up but it makes it so they are side by side. 

Dave didn't start run/walking until 2012 so I decided to separate out 2011 and 2012.  The more I look at it and dig into it, the more it shows.  (This graph is the one at the top of the post.)
I also changed the "who" for 2009 to just say 2009 since I didn't keep track of who back then. Taking that out doesn't seem to change the overall trend for all the runs I ran myself (lower left graph).
I used my Run tab on my blog to go in and fill out Race as the type of run. It was easy to find the date and add the word race.  That was the quickest thing I did.


  1. WOW,
    I'm a amazed how you can do all this. Do you think you can keep track of all the data?

    1. A few excel files right now. I want more data though. I update/improve and make more charts. The charts seem to show it all. If I looked at the raw data, I wouldn't have as many insights.

      What do you mean "keep track" of it all?

      I was thinking of making some word file or something reports so my only analysis isn't on my blog.

    2. Maybe I shouldn't have wrote it that way "keep track of all the data". It looks like you have a handle on what information you would like to maintain. That would be my problem. What's not important to me today may be important in three months.
      Keep it up.

    3. Well my data collection has evolved over the years. I didn't track everything that I track now. I know I'd like more too but I just don't know what it is yet.


    1. That's a funny comic. I almost didn't click for fear it was spam.