Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 3 - Training

Well I'm in Week 3 of training. I posted about week 2 and didn't pay attention during week 1.
I'm looking at a few training plans. I will kind of mesh them.
The Smart Coach plan has me doing 2 mi, 5 mi (speedwork), 2 mi, and 9 mi
Hal Higdon's have me doing 3.5 mi, 6x400 5k pace, 3 mi, and 5k race (plus lifting)
The other Hal Higdon one has me doing 3.5 mi, 2 mi, 3.5 mi, 40 min cross, and 5 mi

This week I have done 2 mi, 5 mile (speedwork),  3 mi, and 4 miles.   See details below.

Monday:  I woke up and was going to run. I didn't. It got hot. I planned to run after dinner but Poly made it so it got later and I still didn't run. I set out for a quick 2 mile run when I finally went out to run. I actually didn't plan for it to be that quick. I just planned for 2 miles. The splits were so fast, I figured they were wrong.  I didn't feel like I was going that fast. It didn't feel that hard. I was thinking it was because there was no sun so it felt cooler. I got goosebumps when I was standing outside just waiting for the satellites to be acquired.  But after some thought I also think it had to do with the fact that I had some food in me so I had some energy.

I might like the evening run but I hate waiting all day to get it in because you can easily skip it by getting in the middle of some other task.

Tuesday: I woke up and went to do my first tempo run. I left a little later than expected because Dave's Garmin was dead and I was afraid to just chance using mine.  It was sunny and felt warm. I also had to weave around a bunch of different people mowing and blowing leaves.  Each mile felt harder than the run the previous. Maybe I should have had more than 24 hours between running. Maybe I should have had breakfast. Maybe I should have had some water.  I finished it at least. I also met my targets but after researching tempo runs, I think my goal should have been 8:40 not 9:03.  A tempo run should be comfortably hard but I never knew what exactly that meant. Then I read an article that actually told me how to pick my pace. I'm not even sure if that's right.  How do you pick your tempo pace?
Wednesday: I rested. I thought of doing weights but didn't get to it. My calves were sore when I woke up so I didn't want to chance it.

Thursday: I did weights in the afternoon for my arms and did abs.  Then after dinner I ran an easy 3 miles. My goal was to run them at 9:30 pace and I started way too fast so I had to slow it way down.  I was winging it with what was a 3 mile route and it ended up being 2.98 on my Garmin so I ran a little past and doubled back but I must be getting good to have so many distances guesses come out within .05 mi.

My goal each split was 2:22 (for 9:28 but we all know if it is 2:22.8 it will still tell me 2:22 so I needed those 2 buffer seconds to get me to 9:30).  I hit 2:21 5 times during my run. My 2nd split was the 2:07 and I knew I had to slow it down. I was still working on slowing it down so I had 2 splits too slow but after that I hit my mark or just a little better each time. It was chilly when I started and after about .1 it wasn't anymore. I forgot how it is to run in weather like that.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Almost a rest day but I ended up walking for 45 minutes in 4 inch heels.

Sunday: I went for a long run with Hilary.  I was going to run 4 with her and run more but since my Garmin wouldn't work and I was using iMapMyRun, I was not motivated and decided to stop when she was done.  Also my big toes were hurting. I wasn't sure why but knew the sandals I wore on Saturday had been hurting my toes.  After the run I saw that I had big blisters on the bottom of both toes.
The 4th mile was tougher because there were so many bugs. I ate a few. I reached in my mouth and grabbed a few more. It was kind of gross. I originally thought we'd run a 10 minute mile pace.  I'm glad iMapMyRun now gives you each mile split. It didn't used to. I haven't really used it in years but it is good as a backup method. Do you have a preference for a phone app to track your mileage?

I also did weights later in the day with Dave.

Total Miles: 14.25 (Not bad)
Total everything else: weights 2 times
Total suggested by training plans: 18, 12.5, or 14.

Final Thoughts:
Week 3 started out strong since I missed my long run in Week 2. I feel like I'm getting my groove back.  I'm able to add mileage without a struggle.  I missed my long run again so that's twice in a row my speed workout day was the longest run.

Random Thought: I might switch up the format next week and only put total miles and type of run at the top then you'd have to click read more to get the details of each run.  What do you think?  It all seems so busy. I'm used to 1 post for 1 run so I'm trying to get used to this.


  1. You're speedy! And I like that we our mileage is so close. :) As for the format, I like seeing the total miles and type of run at the top, just because it's easier to get a handle on what your week looks like at a glance.

    When you do strength training, do you just lift in the weight room? Do you have a plan or any kind? I go to classes, so there's very little thinking on my part, which is nice. :)

    1. I used to do body pump as one of my weight glasses and that was an hour of cardio weight training. Now I just go to the apartment complex gym. They have 4 machines and dumbells. I get annoyed they don't have a leg press, abduction, or adduction machines. I also wish they had a barbell because I can't get good enough form holding 2 dumbells on squats and I don't want to hurt myself so I end up holding less so my form is better.

      I do have a plan sort of. It has been modified from the past at a better more equipped gym. I do some weird things too like ham curl on a ball or lunges on a ball.

      I attempt to do 12 reps and 3 sets but if I'm there with my husband I know the timing doesn't work out right since I do a few more things than him so then I do 2 sets.

      I miss class but I can't join a gym just yet. Going from 2 incomes to 1 and going from 1 mortgage to that mortgage plus rent means we have to really watch our money.

      I have an excel file of different weight things I can do. I used to switch it up because I'd get bored. I could always send it to you if you wanted. Wow I just spend forever digging for that file but I do have it.

      Yesterday as part of my workout I held a wall squat. I was wondering how long I should go for but then I just did a minute. It was getting tough and boring.