Friday, December 14, 2012


Necklace: Target, Sweater: Express, Jeans: F21, Boots: DSW (B.O.C) purchased 11/27
Poly started peeping around the buffet while I was setting up to take my daily picture.  
Poly knocked ponytail holders on the floor 1 by 1 from my desk.
I attempted to take pictures of my process of making grilled turkey and cheese.  You have to heat up the turkey first or it is cold. Then I put the bread in the pan (with butter on it) and put cheese on top, then turkey, then more cheese, then more turkey, then more cheese.  I like the layers.
I was cleaning for Jen and Poly decided to nap on the bag I picked up off the floor. Too bad I put the bag on my camera and phone. I was able to get the phone out but not the camera.  Later Poly sat on the cable box. Then she went to lie down. I don't know how that could be comfortable.
I went to Panda Express for the first time. I liked the orange chicken. I did not like the steak.
I put the laundry basket on the floor really quick to go back in the bedroom for something and then Poly jumped right in.
Poly is like a person sleeping with her head on a pillow and with an afghan.

I probably did other stuff that I didn't take a picture of but by the end of the day I forget what that is. And I especially forget what I did by the time I go to write blog posts.

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