Wednesday, July 27, 2016


 Ella is so cute with her dolls all the time.
I was trying to take my daily picture and she ran over to get in the picture too.

There she is again with socks on her hands.
I took a picture of my eye to show a friend. She thinks I blew a blood vessel when I was coughing so hard.

 Ella is way more behaved at lunch when she sits next to Dave or maybe it's my perception.

We went to Target.

Ella was trying on new shoes.

Dave and Ella used pool noodles as light sabers. I wasn't near them and happened to be looking back at them and some random lady asked me if I saw the cute girl running around and that's why I was smiling back.

To try to distract Ella, Dave asked if she was going to feed her baby. So she started to nurse the baby!  Then after a little bit she switched sides. Sometimes I wonder how she knows this stuff.

We went to the park.
Ella got water all over her shirt so I gave her my hoodie. It was chilly and I wished I had my own hoodie!

 She decided not to wear the hoodie!
She fell walking home. She was running and tripped in her sandals.
She sat so well while we cleaned it out and put on a bandaid.

 Time home made this and I thought it was pretty cool.


  1. I love that she pretended to nurse the baby! I imagine she'll be mimicking you nursing once little brother comes around too.

    1. Currently she keeps asking to nurse... her phrasing is "eat your boobs" and tries to get at them!