Sunday, December 13, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

08:35:50 — @polahbea is sleeping through his alarm.
08:48:06 — I always say I pick the worst days for parties. Really ad roads now. Hope roads clear up.
09:37:33 — my dinner consisted of over 2000 calories last night
11:52:56 — @iamoddd I was explaining that I time it because PB always wants it not soft enough so I use the timer as proof it's not done.
11:53:20 — I never time oodles (Ramen) though. I also don't put the correct amount of water in.
12:27:28 — @iamoddd i put the noodles in when i put the water on. or sometimes i wait until it boils then put the noodles in.
12:28:55 — i think my big toe has about 8 layers of nail. i remember back when it only had 2. don't even think i remember 1 normal nail. sometimes ...
12:30:00 — sometimes i try to scratch off outer layers. you can see there is only 1 or 2 layers at the top of the nail but the bottom has 8(1/4" thick
12:47:37 — Uh o. The ham is not spiral cut. It hacked us. And now it will take longer to cook.
19:56:19 — I rigged an ice pack holder for my shoulder.
19:58:47 — @iamoddd I thought you were at first and was totally confused. I had to go back and look at my tweets.
20:06:37 — @TENroaches with a belt around it to hold it
20:09:23 — When using my arm the ice pack would slide to my arm so put on a hoodie to better hold it.
21:19:16 — i drank wine today. it wasn't even awful. art and/or judy sure know how to pick it.
21:39:02 — time to go eat dinner. i think i gave too much ham to timmy/my dad. oops.

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