Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

00:15:32 — @polahbea hogs my side of the bed http://twitpic.com/tl1ky
07:37:14 — timmy via email at 1:50: They took blood. Well, left most of it in the room. Gave him antibiotics. I think I'm gonna go to John iggle.
15:12:43 — I thought he was planning to leave 12/29 RT: @iamoddd: @mikecherepko How long are you staying in Pittsburgh?
19:36:41 — Leg only a little red now. http://twitpic.com/tojuk
21:26:43 — the roads weren't bad but it was hard to pay attention to the road with all the pretty snow.
22:04:44 — I'm tired. just spent 50 minutes catching up on facebook status updates.
22:08:16 — i'm also freezing and i'm still wearing my scarf
22:39:58 — i just walked up the steps and ran into the wall. well i was walking "straight" and ended up grazing the wall on the left.

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