Monday, December 28, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

01:37:30 — i stayed up too late. i need to find osmething else for this last page for the 5k
01:45:25 — journaling done on 2 of the 3 events.
01:58:18 — i finished all my scrapbook pages that I started today
01:58:45 — no i was wrong. i still have that last one with a steelers 5k article. i need more stuff for that page.
02:01:22 — i've been scrapbooking in front of my window all night yet i didn't realize it snowed at any point. I wonder how much snow is out there.
10:27:08 — i just woke up . oops. slept my day away.
17:12:59 — Ross park mall is too busy. We can't even seem to get out of the parkinglot.
17:18:50 — Still trying to leave the mall
17:33:17 — Remind me not to leave the house again.
17:58:56 — Dave: shoot me in the head. - I don't think he wants to leave the house again.
18:05:22 — Finally home. Lunch took almost 4 hours. Oops. Not home yet. Can't make it ip driveway.
18:34:42 — it is not a good idea to have my legs crossed and push my chair in... i ended up hitting my knee off my desk.
20:18:51 — I can't find my Pictures from when I was at the hospital on February 13. I printed some but want them digitally. ack.
20:25:41 — booting up my dell laptop. it's been a few months since I did this.
21:31:04 — becoming readdicted to kenken

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