Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

08:56:51 — almost went to run oustide but it's only 12 so not doing it . oh well.
09:07:18 — i just re-joined the joann fabrics mailing list.
09:30:03 — i gained over 3 lbs throughout this month
15:29:58 — @TENroaches I choose peanut butter pie as your option.
15:57:20 — i got fat. i just had to unbutton my pants.
16:34:33 — I stayed downstairs so I should have put another load of laundry in.
17:14:59 — put on my yoga pants so now i'm eating more.
17:54:34 — @TENroaches what was wrong with your phone?
18:21:00 — kenken has turned my productivity to 0
19:13:20 — this is one tough kenken
19:21:03 — just finished this kenken. and i want to start the next one but I told dave I wouldn't and he didn't believe me. have to prove him wrong.
20:06:28 — I just dug through a bunch of boxes and made a mess looking for something and I didn't even find it. and I have 2 copies of that thing too.
20:24:41 — my craft room has never been so messy
20:49:12 — A section of my room.
23:27:53 — @TENroaches how long was it broken? when was the last time you loaded your pictures?

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