Monday, December 21, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

09:28:40 — it took a day for the blister to show up on my hand. body pump is going to be miserable with this.
09:29:32 — @mikecherepko This confuses me. what are you giving me?
09:30:26 — @mikecherepko I think I might wear a dress on Christmas Eve. Maybe a skirt.
09:36:06 — @TENroaches but usually you don't half talk about it either.
09:37:29 — @SmilinColleen I already have 2. a little one and a big one.
09:37:52 — good thing i'm around. i reminded @polahbea to send his dad a birthday card.
10:24:16 — about to put my last 5 Christmas cards in the mail. had 5 others I was going to send but never got around to getting their addresses
13:46:37 — i still need to get daddy something else for Christmas
14:06:52 — I just shoveled the driveway. so this weekend I shoveled 3 times and @polahbea shoveled 0 times.
14:54:33 — just did 30 minutes on the exercise bike. it was rough work.
18:44:26 — Wow. Where is all the traffic tonight?
18:45:30 — @mikecherepko I tried to look for the recipe and didn't have it.
20:58:43 — @mikecherepko my weight now is probably my lowest in 2.5 years
20:59:21 — @mikecherepko i should have called her to get it but instead i forgot about it until you mentioned them today and then i forgot again.
21:00:03 — I ran 12 minutes today. 6.6 mph for 1 mile then 5.6 mph for 30 seconds then back to 6.6 for 12 min. i slowed up to cooldown then changed.
22:59:56 — i saved over my website index file on November 9 and didn't notice until now. I'm retarded.

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