Sunday, December 20, 2009

A day's worth of Twitter....

00:09:31 — i'm gonna have nightmares.
00:17:25 — This mouse is stressing me out. I think he's cornered in the laundry room. Who knows if he has friends
08:42:19 — Worst nights sleep ever
09:33:34 — The mouse went down the pipe to the basement.
10:41:58 — i did my expense report for an NA-YGN function. I kept forgetting about it so I specifically looked it up and did it now.
11:00:08 — how can my house go from clean to super messy in the span of a week?
13:13:56 — i only covered half the pb balls with chocolate. it takes too long.
13:43:19 — someone cover the rest of my peanut butter balls for me. it's too boring. i knew i should have made a half recipe yesterday.
16:08:39 — just smashed my last 40 balls in a meatloaf pan and melted some chocolate and poured it on top (ok chocolate, butter, and peanut butter)
16:29:21 — "steelers 1 for 1. 1 play, 1 pass, 1 touchdown" apparently that's what i missed.
18:34:04 — Butterscotch cookies.
18:35:00 — @iamoddd too bad we never went and bought traps. We made one. I need containers from the basement but too scared to go down.
19:14:03 — It is 28 27 not what it says on TV
19:25:13 — since @tenroaches isn't here I push on my own bruises and make them hurt
20:30:21 — Time for dinner. Sick of desserts and barely ate any.

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