Sunday, June 5, 2011

5.26 (Thursday)

I had a different outfit planned but the other khaki skirt needed to be ironed. Right after I went inside, I tightened the bet a good inch or 2. I didn't even see the pictures first but am glad I did. I usually think this skirt looks nicer. Not sure if it's the angles of the photos or what. Perhaps it was the belt throwing it all off.
Failed Spinning Pictures
Skirt: B Moss - 2005
Skirt: Loft - 2009
Belt: Target - 2010
Shoes: Famous Footwear - 2011
Necklace: Target or Filene's Basement (I have 2 necklaces that are very similar)

The belt was tighter and I was trying to hold my skirt up higher like the paper bag effect that people talk about but it did not stay up. I just prefer the skirt right above my knee instead of right below it. Perhaps that is why I didn't like the skirt in these pictures well. You can't really tell that the skirt is above the belt but it does make me thicker in the waist area.

I took off my gowear fit after the pictures and before heading to work.
(sorry for those of you that saw my last post on google reader. I got mixed up which day I wore this outfit. That's what happens when you get really behind in posting.)

After work I went to Body Pump. I was going to go before work but then wanted to sleep in or something.   Apparently that threw me off because I forgot my gym socks. It was awful to do Body Pump without socks but I guess that was better than trying to run without socks. If only I had work socks instead of panythose on that day, then I might have had something.   I felt good after pump. We did a mix of old releases. Some were challenging. Some weren't as challenging. I did it all.  I need to get back to going regularly or lifting regularly.
After dinner it was time for TV. I watched TV with Dave while Poly was on my lap.  Then eventually Dave went to sleep and I watched TV myself.
Is it Community or Couger Town?!
Dave put my picture on reddit the next morning.
Poly curled up beside me. I was using my computer so she couldn't sit on my lap.
She got comfy and hung out with me for hours.
Poly was cuddled beside me. I had to get up and it caused her to roll over in the middle of the chair. So then I sat (more like squeezed) beside her.


  1. I think the skirt looks really good and I love the belt over the shirt. Very nice and spring-y color combo!

  2. Didn't you think the belt looked too loose or weird?