Sunday, June 5, 2011

5.27 - 9/80 Day off

I got up and immediately put on my workout clothes so I could go running. I never went running.  I did spend a lot of time cleaning. I randomly cleaned a lot of different things so nothing was 100% clean. A lot of different rooms were cleaned a little bit. I even swept the garage (well half of it. My car was still in there.)  I did leave at lunchtime to go to lunch with Dave and Jen.
I ended up making it a rest day since my legs were sore from abduction and adduction 2 on Wednesday and my arms were sore from Body Pump on Thursday.
After work, Poly cuddled with me. She also went on the middle shelf of the end table.
Around 10:30 the thing to play TV stopped working and I couldn't play my shows. So I went to sleep. I was also tired.  That probably saved me from going to bed at 3am.  I had an extensive to do list which is really the same to do list for the past few months that I never end up doing and I didn't do it yet again. One of these days I'll actually do some stuff on it.

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