Friday, June 24, 2011

6.9 - Happy Hour

Skirt: NY&Co. (2010)
Sweater: NY&Co (2007)
Shoes: JCP (2010)
Necklace: Sears (2010)

I had a red necklace and red shoes. I felt like I needed a red belt or something. Perhaps next time.
This skirt sure spun while walking. I was constantly fixing it all day. Why is it that some skirts spin an some do not? This skirt is washable and dryable and it washes really well. I like it more and more when I realize how I don't have to iron it. I like it less and less when I remember how it spins when I wear it.  Also if I forget to wear a slip, the zipper area on the left side snags up my pantyhose.
I bought lunch in the building 4 cafe. I want to know why the luncheat is so much thicker in building 4 versus building 1.  I commented that the green peppers are my favorite part and asked for a lot. She really gave me a lot. It was nice.

After work, a few of us went to happy hour at Mad Mex.  We went late so Sarah could still go to Body Pump.  It was a fun time. It was probably the most fun yet. There were 5 of us there. Too bad we only go about once every 6 months.  I really wish other people would organize a happy hour and invite me. I'm bad at organizing things. Nobody is ever that interested. I always have to convince people to go.
Poly was trying to help me put my shoes away.
Poly uses my pants as a pillow.
The house is still a mess from rearranging the rooms on Saturday. Everything is not where it goes yet. It takes way longer than I remembered to move rooms but we do have a lot more stuff now.
Poly was playing. I tried to use the picasa feature to create a movie. It is short but it was a first try. I just picked the first song I came to alphabetically. Since I made this I have tried to make more and they always partially seem to work but never get created.  Not sure why.   so for now you are stuck with only this one.  Isn't Poly cute though?  I need to figure out how to weave in actual video that I take with pictures I take.

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  1. I love the outfit! I think a wide, low-slung red belt would look adorable on you.

    Happy hour sounds like fun! Although to be honest, I work with three other women, we have lunch together every day, and I'm kind of glad to get home when the day is over!

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