Friday, June 3, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:08:38 AM - My 3 hour nap really is messing up my ability to get to bed tonight.
12:56:47 AM - i just spent 10 minutes looking for my phone and it was where I thought it was (hoodie pocket) weird i tried to call it and VM 1st ring.
01:22:04 AM - I just replied to a few work emails. I hope nobody notices the time the emails were sent. I wish I was tired.
07:27:48 AM - earlier I went in the bathroom to wash my hands and ended up painting my toenails. I found my phone and not tired, so I painted my nails
07:28:03 AM - that last tweet was from last night. guess i didn't hit tweet button
07:28:38 AM - @iamoddd i may have a problem. my knee hurt 2 miles into my run. It felt like a tight muscle not so much like an injury pain though.
07:50:06 AM - I probably should shower and get to work instead of analyze running numbers (3.29 mi in 32:01. pace 9:43.)
09:07:20 AM - So few people are here at work today that I got a parking spot like I arrived 2 hours earlier. Now I think I should have taken vacation.
09:25:56 AM - I think I should buy a scale that sends my weight to my computer or twitter each time. That'd be awesome.
09:27:44 AM - @lisafilipek Well I ended up staying up for another hour so it ended up good. Typing with them wet kind of messed them up a little though.
09:36:54 AM - @TheNewChrissy I've seen that I think. Different versions. I wonder how much they cost. Too bad my birthday isn't coming up.
09:39:31 AM - @angelineevans They do have them. I just don't own them. I want one. I already have 2 scales at home. but they aren't cool.
10:46:57 AM - details on my run today... Slow. Lots of traffic and school buses. Good weather.
09:26:16 PM - @lisafilipek I wanted to be outside all day too.
09:28:17 PM - @angelineevans I've never lost a heel tip.
09:32:38 PM - @reedaboutme congrats on 1 year
09:33:42 PM - @reedaboutme I'm actually surprised we Ll haven't gotten bored.
09:50:41 PM - My allergies are so bad. Too bad Dave has all these windows open
11:04:24 PM - My nose is worse than a faucet because I can't turn it off.

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